“You don’t have to change the world in your life just change your life to make a better world for you”

Mike Deets

mikedeets250x250My life has been amazing. Not in the “fantastic” sense but in the way that I look back and say to myself God was and is always with me. I am truly blessed. I am humbled everyday by the people I meet. People with so much passion for life. People amaze me all the time. I want to help whenever I can and be the absolute best person first to God, to myself, to my family , to my friends and to people I meet…In that EXACT order. I worked hard growing up. I knew that I always wanted to be the best…Not the best I could be,..Just the best! Being the best I could be was a lesson that I would learn later in life.

I got married to my wife and best friend Paula and am still married for 22 years. I have two daughters, Jordan 22 and Lauren, 17. We have a mini zoo, four dogs, Molly and Lucy our Pugs and Mia our shih tzu. She is the littlest but she is the Queen! We also have two cats. Oliver and Rory.

I travel with my company Deetslist. I love the interaction.

People that I meet have such amazing stories. I love meeting people and learning from them. I cherish being the student and growing my knowledge from these incredible people. I love to help people achieve their dreams and reach goals higher and more grand than they ever thought possible. I absolutely love when I see the look in their eyes when “They Get It”!!

This is when the magic happens! People have so much power in them! All they have to do is:

#1 Believe in themselves.

#2 Envision a plan and or a goal.

#3 Create a strategy for that goal.

#4 Take action……TAKE ACTION!

#5 See yourself accomplishing the goal in your mind everyday until you reach it.

THAT’S IT! You have the power…You have the power.

Have an incredible life!


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